Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jeff Rense wrote regarding the issue between him and Alex Jones

Regarding The Alex Jones Issue
Jeff Rense

Those who know me and understand the enormous effort involved in presenting news and inquiry, fully-realize I do not threaten people. It is anathema to me and all that I stand for. The issues involved in the current controversy are virtually insignificant to the pressing mandate of confronting and exposing the enemy attacking what's left of our Liberty, our Constitution and our very way of life. I have not gone to court for a restraining order against Mr. Jones, nor have I filed formal charges against anyone. A police report and case number are far different and are employed to simply make formal note of an event. The critical nature of the crisis confronting the patriot community and our Republic requires the full energies of all of us, and I therefore consider the current issue closed. As I always have, I wish the Jones family and all honorable Americans health, wellness and security, just as I do for my own family. Both Mr. Jones and myself have been the recipients of many death threats over the years and I have now received even more to add to that sorry total. In bringing this matter to a close, I have removed my private reply to a longtime listener from my MySpace page. Once again, I do NOT threaten people nor have I ever done so in my entire life. I trust Mr. Jones will join with me in moving ahead together to confront the darkness now enshrouding our planet. There is simply no time for anything else.
End Quote

this was taken from Jeff Rense's website , I am not Jeff Rense and I have nothing to do with him

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