Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alex Jones channel suspended from youtube

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  1. I love pure information dealing secret societies. It has change the way I think. Witch was destruction,point,blank,period. It's fascinating that Gorge Bush Jr murdered thousands of people,poor people.For capital gain;it saddens me that the laws of nature allowed these evil wicket people do this. It's scarry to know that people like him have the power to do what they want and get away with it. I ask my self many nights could I cause so much blood shed and sleep in a bran new home in Houston Texas? After my terms of murder is up? I've really asked my self this question and I'm quite sure you have to. I honestly could not sleep comfortable at night, all that blood would hunt me. So I know that it has to take a serious satonic, evil devil, worshiper to be able to pull this off!I fear for my life and my family life because these are the people that has us in slavery right now and we don't even realize it. And sometimes,I won't lie about it. But it's to stressful all there is to know, all around you 24/7, witch is evil. This can really mess with your mind. But we must know it and it's effects regardless of what. Until we can live in a safe and secure world, where real freedom is experienced. Please love and take real good care of your families and may the laws of nature protect us and continue to strenghen us in our time of need.