Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alex Jones gets an FBI Visit in his studios

Alex Jones gets a visit from the FBI who are investigating some threatening posts by somebody on Alex Jones website , the visit lasted 20 minutes because somebody was posting threatening messages on infowars . com , now Alex have to go to Virginia to testify


  1. The swine flu is said to be an engineered in a lab. It could mutate and become deadlier and/or they could have another flu virus that has been engineered to be worse and will let that out and blame the people for not taking the shot; or it could be in the shot; or if someone has the virus already it could mutate it into the worse strain.

  2. wow!!! scarey I pray this it all staged

  3. HeyAlex, I just watched this FBI Visit and I think that it's all about intimidation. they are all just trying to herras you and get you to shut down. It's very likely and even possable that they got some POT HEAD as you said to make just such an assault online on your website to give them grounds to come down and intimidate you. The same with all the media who are herrassing you. they have been sent and sicked on you like the dogs that they are. You keep right on plugging big guy. You've got my support! Just wish that I could do more that's all..

  4. Alex,
    You rattle cages and it was really only a matter of time before something like this happened. Keep up your enlightening work! Peace!