Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alex Jones asks supporters to redouble efforts to save falling Republic

'Fall of the Republic' director Alex Jones calls on supporters and fellow patriots to stand up for liberty against the enemies of the Republic. This film is being released to specifically challenge the globalists who seek to undermine the United States and to bring to a halt the offshore bankers looting our treasury dry.

America is targeted for destruction, and unless good people everywhere stand up for her, the last vestiges of true freedom will be destroyed. Alex is begging people to get this film on DVD from or online at and spread it everywhere. Only by taking a bold stance for liberty can we stave off those bringing in destruction.

This film contains vital information on decoding the attack against humanity and fighting back to save it. Featuring experts including Alan Watt, Webster Tarpley, Max Keiser, G. Edward Griffin, William K. Black, Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, George Humphrey, Tim Ball, Dr. Francis Boyle, Wayne Madsen and more, it is everything you need to pierce the armor of the New World Order propaganda machine.

The time is now, and this is more than just a film. Our very way of life is being challenged, and we must not allow the Republic to fall. TODAY is the release of "Fall of the Republic" --- please visit INFOWARS.COM and help spread this film right away.

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