Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alex Jones: The Bilderberg Is Running Scared

Alex Jones updates us on the significant intel coming from the Bilderberg concerning the contentious and urgent atmosphere behind the scenes of the secret meeting. Most urgent is the instability surrounding the Euro, which is threatening to unravel, and take the momentum for further regional integration with it. Further, it was disclosed that many members declined to attend this year because public awareness has reached


  1. It is people like Alex Jones & myself Raj Meister who follow this as much as we can & to get the facts out there. Please also visit & google "Raj Meister" on this site you will also see the facts about 7/7/2005 bombings the real facts & how it all was staged.

    We may have defeated Bilderberg Group but they maybe planning something else the fight still goes on & we need to over power these FOOLS if they think they can have it there way!

    Raj Meister