Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alex Jones Oil Rig Disaster a staged event by Goldman Sachs ?

Goldman Sachs Dumps 44% of it's BP Stock Weeks before Oil Rig Disaster

June 03, 2010 — Want Proof? HERE IT IS... This is a list of the institutional owners of BP stock. This is NOT private owners. There are 350 million shares of BP. Financial Institutions own roughly 40% of BP. Goldman Sachs (on March 31st) owned 6 million shares...after it sold 4.7 Million shares. WHAT DID THEY KNOW?


  1. They saved 98 Million Bucks by doing it, what would you do?

  2. Do you really think the elite can be stopped? If so, HOW?

  3. Maybe Goldman had inside information about how poorly BP was following engineering guidelines in the deep sea drilling. If I had the resources they have, I would hire insiders, or pay for information from rig workers, engineers, etc., to get that info. How hard would that be? A smart company might do that. I would have if I had large amounts invested in any company.

  4. I hope this is the push we need to get off fossil fuels. sadly I know it will take many ecological disasters. In fact they will never stop drilling when there is trillions of dollars underground just waiting to be sucked up. Life, Its all for the money isn't it....How disgusting.