Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alex Jones Puts MSNBC Chris Matthews in His Place on Alex Jones

Kurt Nimmo
June 9, 2010

MSNBC's Chris Matthews.

The establishment is determined to take out the Tea Party political movement prior to the November election. In order to do this, they will unleash a corporate media campaign designed to portray patriotic Americans opposed to an increasingly leviathan and autocratic government as "far right" lunatics and fringe elements. The centerpiece of this effort is a mini-documentary produced by MSNBC and hosted by Chris Matthews.

"Chris Matthews takes a hard look at the recent surge of anger on the political right, particularly the outpouring of support for the Tea Party, which helped secure Rand Paul's victory in Kentucky. The special airs Wednesday, June 16 at 7 p.m. ET," explains an MSNBC "hardblogger" post. "Who are the people on the New Right? What do they want? And how do they intend to get it?"

"Rise of the New Right" features snippets of Rand Paul and Alex Jones mixed with sensationalistic images of militiamen training with weapons and Tea Party demonstrations.

"When Chris Matthews asked the Infowars team if he could travel to Austin to interview Alex some months ago, the general consensus was that MSNBC was preparing another hit piece on the freedom movement and the alternative media, targeting Alex as a key figure," Steve Watson wrote on May 28.

"MSNBC is the epitome of the controlled corporate mainstream media, being as it is 80% owned by General Electric, operated by military industrial complex giant General Dynamics, whose primary business comes from supplying arms and weapons systems to the US government and its international allies. It is not and never has been sympathetic to anti-establishment or anti-war activism -- this is the same network that canceled Jesse Ventura's talk show simply because he opposed the Iraq war."

Ahead of the show's premier later this month, has received a script for the documentary (below). It was sent by a source that wishes to remain anonymous. Here is the sensationalistic trailer MSNBC is currently airing the run-up to the show.

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  1. Alex, turn it up! Chris Matthews is only going to be looked at like a discredited paid-off thug. The important thing to remember is that Alex Jones tells the truth and Chris Matthews is going down the tube! Bye, bye! True Americans are already turning Chris Matthews and other discredited mainstream jokers off and turning on the Alex Jones Show! Keep up the good work Alex. :)