Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Bilderberg Group Daniel Estulin on Coast to Coast AM

In the second half of the program, investigative journalist Daniel Estulin reported on the clandestine activities of the Bilderberg Group, who will soon be holding a meeting in Spain. On June 1,
2010, he'll make history, being the first journalist to give an address on the Bilderberg Group in the European Parliament in Brussels. "Bilderberg isn't a secret society...it's a medium of
bringing together the world's most powerful and most predatory financial interests. And at this time it is that combination that is the worst enemy of humanity," he stated. Among the members are
CEOs of the leading corporations, bankers, and European royalty, he said, adding that it's not so much about a New World Order, but rather a "one-world company limited...the control of
corporations at the expense of government."

"Bilderberg is positioning itself to destroy the United States dollar," Estulin revealed, citing a source who is a US Bilderberg delegate. He also talked about his new book, Shadow Masters, which
draws connections between governments and secret service agencies (like the CIA) working together with drug dealers and terrorists for their mutual benefit.

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  1. i luv coast 2 coast. i heard this when it aired