Friday, June 25, 2010

WeAreChange and InfoWars Reporters Banned from Canada

WeAreChange nyc was denied entry into Canada and Charles Torres Veitch has been arrested at the G20. 1-416-808-5100 is the number for the Toronto Police, 1-888-446-4047 is the number to the G8-G20 police and for my UK friends 1-416-593-1290 is the number of the UK embassy. Call them and demand Charles' release.

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  1. You guys were barred from entering Canada because their customs officials were tipped off by US Homeland Security - in effect you were barred from leaving the US!

    The guy in this vid said so himself - he entered Canada on numerous occasions without problems, but interestingly it's only when this "event" is happening in Toronto that you guys weren't allowed to enter. Thank your own govmint for controlling your every move. All it takes is a rapsheet (felony trespassing, etc). Might as well be on a leash.

    Good luck in your future endeavors.