Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lindsey Williams Returns: Confessions of an Elitist - Alex Jones Tv

Alex talks with Lindsey Williams, the ordained Baptist minister who went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary where he learned about the secret agenda of the elite. Williams will talk with Alex about what the oil industry insider "Mr. X" told him before he passed away.


Recorded December, 2010: this is the latest audio production from Lindsey Williams sharing inside information straight from the Ruling Elite. Also included is Lindsey's advice on how to keep you and your family safe during the coming storm upon this nation. As Lindsey has expressed, there is no copyright so pick up your copy, replicate, and distribute freely to as many people as possible. This CD set is recommended only for those who have seen the 6 DVD set: Hope, Tragedy, Reality/The Elite Speak as it is in addition to those productions.


Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Trans-alaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of Mr. Williams' love for his country and concern for the spiritual welfare of the "pipeliners," he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to information documented in his eye opening book, The Energy Non-Crisis.

After numerous public speaking engagements in the western states, certain government officials and concerned individuals urged Mr. Williams to put into print what he saw and heard, stating that they felt this information was vital to national security. Mr. Williams firmly believes that whoever controls energy controls the economy. Thus, The Energy Non-Crisis.

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