Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Alex Jones: The CIA created Al-Qaeda

Saddam, Mubarak and Gaddafi were the three Arab leaders most vociferously opposed to al-Qaeda, yet all three have been targeted for removal by the Western-based Globalists. This is yet more proof of the CIA - al Qaeda connection. After Gaddafi nationalized Hunt oil company he thought that it would be alright to invest in US assets treasuries etc...as far as dictators go he apparently is not the brightest light bulb coming out of the box.

The BBC has an excellent documentary confirming that AL-CIA-DA aka Al-Qaeda was indeed created by the CIA with the history and documentation to back it up. If you still believe that the boogy man exists and his name is Al-Qaeda.. u need to wake up and realize that you are under attack by politicians in your own country. They want us to be scared, they want us to fight amongst ourselves (dems vs reps) and they want us to be distracted while they loot this country dry.

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