Monday, April 4, 2011

Alex Jones : The CIA is spamming the Internet

Alex Jones : The CIA is spamming the Internet Pentagon sock puppet trolls attack alt media .WE must speak out and make our voices heard! America has protests organized across the country every weekend! to fight the takeover of our country by the politicians bought and paid for by big business.That's how deep this NWO thing is. They are masters of human psychology and confusing people, it's amazing that People still have open mind and can think independently no matter of all attempts of USA propaganda network to make them not to think at all.When you live in American totalitarian dictatorship, you need to act constructively and much active.Americans are Fed Up with this plutocracy. Its not that no one cares its just that people have lost faith in their own power. Just look at the protests that just happened on the 28th of march in Los Angeles

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