Friday, May 27, 2011

Alex Jones Storms the Capitol

Texans Revolt Against TSA Tyranny, Storm Capitol , Alex Jones walks the walk and talks the talk! new level of respect! Go Alex and all the people from Texas. You are the balls of America . I'd love to see Alex do a 50 state capital Tour, with Ventura, and a Host for others as guests in various capitals.. I think with some advance notice, the crowds would be massive! This crowd in the vid assembled on only a couple hours notice.. I think Alex could sweep the country like a wave.. Go Alex!

Exclusive footage of the Texas Capitol takeover Wednesday, when angry demonstrators led by radio host Alex Jones descended upon the Senate to rebuke threats used to quash a TSA bill that passed the House unanimously and was poised to clear the Senate with 30 of 31 senators supporting. The bill's sponsor Sen. Dan Patrick revealed that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst was behind a move to kill the bill without "leaving fingerprints" on behalf of the Obama Administration. Supporters of the bill sent a message to the Texas Senate even after being barred from entry, shouting from the halls "criminals" and "treason" while decrying the tyrannical mission creep of the unconstitutional TSA. The bill would have expressly declared it a crime for TSA or security personnel to reach into the pants or touch the genitals of passengers or other innocent bystanders.

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  1. We don't want pedophiles to run airport security, they should go back to preaching for the catholic church!