Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Institutionalized Tyranny - The Alex Jones Show

We Need Ron Paul for President! I'd love to hear u discuss how Prophecy & Revelation of Bible is happening every day & how a book written 1000s yrs ago is coming true.I'd love to hear how the arise of nwo & anti-christ is predicted by Bible.I'd like to hear someone talk about,not man's laws,but God's laws.Mother nature has been warning us BIG TIME since Katrina,& bible scriptures r proving true.Talk about the propaganda of the signs & symbolism of occult in mainstream culture & subliminal brainwashing via system-funded media.

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  1. ...subliminal brainwashing via system-funded media.
    EMPHASIS of false dis-information and 50 yrs of mind control via REMOTE VIEWING IN YOUR HOMES... full disclosures at