Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate

Dr. Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate he also speaks about his discussion with Donald Trump: The People can win only if we stand up and get off our knee's. Also keep in mind that the Constitution is our law of the land and no Federal Law applies to any divine being period. You are of flesh in blood and not the "FICTION" entity the Law defines you and corporation's to be. Know the Laws they follow and know only the one Law that applies to yourself, divine law of the earth. Dont give them power by complying to false game's and rules. If Obama is subject to law as anything else, getting him arrested will force a rule of law which the Congress does not have the courage to do, perhaps cannot even block. If Congress impeaches him, he has Bill Clinton to advise him on how to navigate through the process. Perhaps he'd prefer to be tried on his indiscretions like Clinton. The trouble with Bush and Obama is their executive orders, it makes the president like caesar. He will likely respond with force either way.

And now Obama's Irish, from Moneygall (it has to have money in it). Everyone in that village had to leave their homes and get security checked. I think that's outrageous! A foreigner visits Ireland and a whole village has to get out of their own homes! He had 500 security staff. How much did that cost? It's all to get him re-elected and the Irish people have fallen for it: "He's one of us." Perhaps he has the right, as he works for the banks who now own Ireland.

German industrialist Fritz Thyssen thought that Nazism was the wave of the future, and he was one of the earliest and largest contributors to ride the Nazi party wave. He and many other German businessmen and industrialists believed that if the Nazis destroyed organized labor that would enable entrepreneurs to practice unregulated free enterprise and the German nation would prosper. Later he said, "What a fool (dummkofp) I was!"

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