Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Webster Tarpley : Buildup to World War III with Pakistan

Webster Tarpley : Buildup to World War III with Pakistan This is a very Bad Move on the part of the United States and allies. First of all their Allies are nothing more than a bunch of Sniveling Babies so watch out people you're about to feel the Ratchet of Hell upon you....lol...he he he he...this is getting good...We should have never given Pakistan money in the first place. We gave them money to help with their natural disasters plus $2 billion per year. Despite the money we've given Pakistan now they are hiding under China's skirt. Cut all funding to Pakistan and let the money we've spent count as repaying China since they're such close buddies.

What the hell are we doing in Pakistan!! 0.0 Blood all over my hands for the will of a handful of men. We need to stop defending these assholes. They might run the Government but they sure the hell arn't Americans. Im watching a new version of the natzi empire rising out of my home. We used to be the good guys.. and now where the bad ones. I want old America back,

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