Friday, June 10, 2011

Alex Jones - Bildeberg is not invincible

Global leaders and corporate kingpins gather this week in secrecy for this year's Bildeberg conference in Switzerland. As the media is shunned from listening in, should the world be weary of what's being discussed? Radio host Alex Jones says that the Bildeberg group has an authoritarian agenda and everyone should be concerned. In recent years, however, media moles are infiltrating and are causing Bildeberg to crumble.China is independent. The Russians hate the Anglos and aren't invited- and wouldn't attend if they were. China is a player. Why burn bridges? Cooperation with the West has been profitable for the Chinese. And you know - keep your enemies close.

because they own they wealth and all that run it also they dont need any more wealth since they own it all lol pay attention they want and have control hence thier military complex and thier ability to have a false flag event happen and then it coverd by them how they say hence the commission report which has came out that 60% of them said they were told what to say. so yes they run and control the world for the real owners the ROTHSCHILDS through the names like ROCKEFELLERS.

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