Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alex Jones - Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters

Bilderberg Elite Just Want to Help Alex Jones you are awesome. Good comments. There is something that must be shared with those who have 'ears to hear'. . .there is a supernatural tool that is MORE powerful than any human technology. It is for all, even the most simple: Pray the rosary! There R graces that will be showered on U, ur family, ur nation. Also, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet-done earnestly & in faith U CAN PRAY AWAY STORMS. Never feel alone or helpless, U R NOT!

An important thing one needs to "wake up" is to totally have an open mind. Free your mind and look at the information. Do your own research. Read. And then trust your instincts to guide you. Ask if these things are possible. Give yourself full permission to go any where your mind takes you.

There is a great deal of information that people are not aware of. Take your time. Keep questioning. Feel free to go in any and all direction.I think it likely that there is a group of people in this world who are plotting for world domination (or already have it and plot to keep it), because historically speaking, people like that have always popped up. And now they have such fantastic tools at their disposal, to pull it off. That being said, I find it hard that every single terror attack, everything that happens is being micromanaged by these people, and let Alex Jones tell the world about it on top of it all.

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  1. A norwegian politician (Erna Solberg) from the political party kalled "Høyre", which means The Right was mentioned today in Norway's biggest tabloid newspaper as lifting the veil on the bilderberg info blackout...The great revelation consisted of the following: "We discussed economics, population growth and social media" she said...That was it...LOL...But I guess her attendance was a reward for turning 180 degrees in the matter of ratifying an EU directive (2006/24/EF) about datastorage to give not only police, but private investigators, access to personal IP- adresses, e-mail communication, mobile phone data and so on...Norway is also becoming a police state now...the signs seen in the US are repeating her now...And 99% of our population got their heads up where the sun don't shine...It's really depressing :(