Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alex Jones : Hell is Coming Rant - 29 June 2011

Alex Jones : Hell is Coming Rant, Almost as Dante's Inferno. We are living in the City of Dis (Despair and Heresy), they are pushing us into the 7th circle of Hell of violence! hells always been here countrys all over the world, it just never gets shown on tv..that whats wrong with people. sucked into a trance by low alue culture and morals and standards....i wish there was no tv and only free internet as it is today!! it drives an informed person absolutely insane.Those that don't know and don't care are probably going to die straight from the shock of something so weird and wild happening in front of them. The elite are insane, but what is the most troubling, is, those that can't see it for themselves,as it is all around us, these people are as insane as the global minions. Rights taken by the stroke of a pen, cops trained to believe our forefathers were the first terrorists, insanity.

Death is here and Hell follows. In fact they are both here already yep. Where is everybody? I see only zoned out robots walking around. I dont have a car but sure would like to be around people not sheeple who are awake. I feel alone in all this awakened hellish nightmare. Where do I go? Under the bed? On the roof? I talk and no one listens. Thanks Alex and those who know the truth. Yes Hell is here.

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  1. Hang in there. Three things. You are not alone. Get on twitter and search #nwo #conspiracy alexjones etc... Lot's of awake people, you are not alone. Two, be careful. Sometimes I think Satan is just as happy keeping us "over" informed as he is in keeping the masses ignorant. Don't get so paranoid or worked up that you become totally joyless and depressed. I know that is a battle for me sometimes, and when you are in that mode, you will miss out on things that each day brings. If the SHTF, it will on its own good time. Prepare, but don't miss out on life in the mean time. Look up, there is still good in the world, God made it so, just look for it. Lastly, get your relationship with Jesus squared away if you haven't already. Knowing God is ultimately in control, and there is a plan, helps put everything that corrupt men or worse are doing into perspective. Plus with the Living God as your friend, you can make it through anything He calls you to go through. Good luck and head up.