Monday, June 27, 2011

Alex Jones : The International Court is a complete joke

Alex Jones : "Giant Anarchists on steroids" were police agents ...the USA supposedly has the most advanced and cutting edge information gathering organization on the planet. Also, the most powerful military. Why is it that we can't seem to use it correctly. I think the answer is, it's all a scam. They only use it properly when it serves their agenda. Then again, there's another side to it. Good folks need to stand up and take a stronger stance so we can begin healing this world instead of spreading proxy wars.That whole War is being run by the same People promoting the war on Libya and many other Countries, all so that they can rob them of Money to keep the Banking Ponzi Schemes running, and mostly the war of Libya if for many that they actually owe tLibya, it is like having the Bank robber set up a trial for the Bank teller that he is robbing.

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