Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alex Jones : New TSA Technology

Alex Jones talks about the new TSA technology that involves tunnels and the possible elimination of pat downs.i'm still amazed how retarded people can be. Alex has continually predicted what is right ahead for years now and STILL people like with no justification mindlessly call him "moronic" etc...Go watch any of his films which all talk about the gradual removals of public freedom by the state until they have everyone under completely controlled. It's not a coincidence he's been saying this stuff for 10 years plus now. Seriously people like you make me feel depressed for humanity. Our Ancestors are dead, you mean descendants and they have said that for the last 50+ years and we haven't gotten anywhere. While Jones may seem nutty and at times he embellishes to get peoples attention, he always points you to government documents or mainstream news reports that he gets his info from and is correct most of the time.

Bilderberg had a guest on Fox News just to admit that they do exist and make big decisions "in secret". Freemasons have lodges in cities everywhere that you can see but not know what they do in it. The priests that molest boys are usually found out to be mason members. Mr Bush has a photo with Skull&Bones members. Mr Bush admits he and the UN's founders want a new world order. Funny thing is all this was done in plain sight. Thomas Jefferson says we need revolution every 25 years.

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