Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alex Jones speech at The Texas senate under siege

JULY 4TH PROTEST - join on facebook, and protest this july 4th at your state capitol. restore the constitution. less watching youtube videos, more protesting and making a change for the better
On May 25th, 2011 Alex Jones went to the Texas capitol to protest the sabotaging and attempted sinking of the anti-TSA bill HB 1937 which the Texas house unanimously voted in favor of. Alex Jones and crowd chant from the steps of the Senate chamber, which the media reported was audible inside the chamber and temporarily halted the passage of other bills. HB 1937 would make it a felony crime for a TSA employee to reach under clothing or touch the genitals of passengers it screens. The bill presents a serious challenge to the assumed authority of the TSA agency, so it is no wonder why the establishment moved swiftly to intimidate Texas lawmakers andthreaten a flight blockade to stifle to the legislation.

Since the protest we've made progress. Supporters are trying to get the bill called to special session, as detailed by Kurt Nimmo in an article he wrote for entitled 'Texas Moves to Bring Back Anti-TSA Groping Bill'

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