Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr. Steve Pieczenik : Royalty Inc.

Dr Steve Pieczenik here once again to run his little PsyOps on AJ listeners convincing us how Bush Sr., Gates, and all of their ilk are such great people who we should trust. Hey, maybe we should just hand over the country to the military and Gates under the leadership of Magog himself, the Bohemian Grover Bush Sr ... lol, I hope people don't fall for this Pieczenik PsyOps. When BBC say "Good morning" one ought to look where the Sun is!
BBC is the worst kind of dirty propaganda machine, which if Hitler had surely would have won the WWII.
Shame on all who work for the BBC for they actively helped for the destruction Britain as well as to many other countries and people. But most British and particularly English actually utterly believe these liars, so tragically brain washed.

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