Monday, June 6, 2011

Drone surveillance in the US ? Alex Jones on RT

violation of OUR 4th amendment! I know some thumb sucking sheep don't think anything about it, but you better wake up and see the police state unfolding in front of your eyes As the US plans to increase drone aircraft usage abroad, now law enforcement in the States is getting ready to adopt robotic planes back home for surveillance purposes. While drone usage is expected to be expanded in America by 2013, Alex Jones says that in some states it has already been happening for years. this was the obvious next step to keep incrementally eroding our civil liberties and condition us that it is normal to always be spied on. welcome to our brave new world

I dont want the govt. (or police for that matter) to intrude on my privacy any more than they already have, but honestly, what is the difference between a police u.a.v. flying overhead or a police helicopter? anyone who has lived in a decent sized city in the u.s. is used to police helicopters flying overhead all day and night. sadly its a fact of life now.

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