Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Freedom of the Press is Almost Dead

Saturday June 4th Thomas Jefferson Memorial 12:pm - 1pm DANCE PARTY AT TJ's. Make your voice heard and show off your dance moves at The Jefferson Memorial tomorrow. Straight from the Infowars Newsdesk, Alex Jones highlights incidents around the country that prove the 1st Amendment is under attack from federal, state, local police and private security goons.After the brutal cop has thrown Adam into the ground he also hit him in the stomach with his knee with full body weight if you study the pictures. That's just plain EVIL.Our generation will not deal with this, the great American empire will fall rise of the people, the fallen will fall harder than ever before. "Martial law will kill us all." Fight back! This country is becoming like natzi germany and no one did anything about it.

Everyone needs to take classes in self defense. We can resist even more peacefully than you think. Watch that video of Adam being body slammed. Did you notice how he landed on his hip and didn't resist and stayed in a very peacefully energetic state? THAT is what it takes...use your mind as defense as well as the body. Set the better example!

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