Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jesse Ventura & Alex Jones 07 June 2011

Alex Jones interviews ex Governor Jesse Ventura about a wide range of topics. The economy is continuing its downward trend, drone surveillance is increasing in the U.S., this year's Bilderberg meeting is about to be underway, and more. Alex also covers the latest news and takes your calls.People really are like zombies who are in a trance, completely brainwashed and they don't view themselves as having any power. They are consumers of corporate garbage.most people act like they are in a trance and brainwashed. Just look at all the people who watch these videos and are aware of what is happening, but REFUSE to turn off their computers and do something about it. It's like they think the elitists get all scared and sweaty when they read these things.

We should Limit how much money these people can raise/ spend during an election period. that is the only way to end the cronyism. And it return the Power of our government back to us the individual people in solidarity. Rather then being spoon fed a flavor of politician until we like them.

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