Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs : The Dangers of Using Pharmaceutical Drugs

Just make sure those nutritional supplements like protein shakes don't contain sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, etc. Pharmaceutical=N.W.O.David cameron and Bill gates want to vaccinate 240 million children in the next four years. The Bright Side with Pharmacist Ben is a fast-paced, entertaining and educational radio program that focuses on the latest, cutting edge ideas in health and fitness.
The Bright Side is a call-in show, encouraging audience comments and questions and includes various topical guests. Featuring nutritional and wellness information about exercise, diet and supplementation, prescription drugs, psychological transformational tools as well as the timeless wisdom of all the great religions and philosophies.The Bright Side with Pharmacist Ben is guaranteed to be a fun hour of weekly radio that will improve lives and empower day to day living.

Calling a disease "autoimmune" is a lie. They have deceived us all with this terminology. And the meds they prescribe for their "autoimmune" diseases are treacherous. Potential life-threatening suide effects. They blame the white blood cells as the cause of these diseases. They refuse to tell how the white blood cells come in contact with the tissues that they, in their words "attack". The answer uis simple- blood vessels weaken, allowing white blood cells to come in contact, causing damage.

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  1. Thanks for telling it like it is, Alex. Bests always to you.

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