Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rick Perry Announces Presidential Run

The Champion of Liberty will cut foreign aid, end the Feds, bring the troops home, and defend OUR Constitution not the UN, NATO or AIPAC! RON PAUL honest, Consistent, and what America needs in a Commander in Chief. VOTE RON PAUL don't vote for an AIPAC special of the week! If Rick Perry does not have the constitution tatooed on his balls by election time, he dont have my vote.People MUST get in Gov Rick Perry's face in large numbers to demand this bill.

Infowars.com has received tips from main stream media as well as political insiders that Rick Perry is running for President in 2012. Perry, who wants to appear as a main line conservative who will fight global corruption and stick up for constitutional values, is really nothing like that at all.

Alex sums up some of the documented treason Perry has committed while seated as the Texas Governor. Perry mandated that girls take the deadly Gardasil vaccine. He signed Texas onto the globalist NAFTA superhighway. Perry bald face lies about the facts behind why the TSA anti-groping bill H.B. 1937 will not be heard during a special session. During production of this video he has since flipped back, but we're sure he'll soon use some political tactic to secure the TSA thugs at Texas airports. According to the Houston Chronicle, Sen. Dan Patrick slams Rick Perry's minion, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, for attempting an "elaborate political play to kill the bill without his fingerprints."

Alex talks about Rick Perry's long time mentor, Karl Rove and how Rove convinced Perry to flip his image and save his political career. Perry exposes his own dishonesty when he breaks his own pledge to remain outside the Presidential race. A President Perry would further America's dark journey toward her own destruction. Invited to the Bilderberg conference in Istanbul in 2007, Rick Perry is a servant of the globalist's plan for a one world government and their population reduction scheme.

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