Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ron Paul : People Are Finally Waken Up to The Tyranny

Alex Jones speaks with Texas congressman Ron Paul about the TSA and the unconstitutional war on Libya.
We need to make a day where everyone takes to the streets with " RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT SIGNS." If everyone of us would do this twice or three times on the sameday it would help us secure a fair shake for Ron Paul and the constitution...Paul is a good man, to good, I think he should get much more agressive to help his chances....Mentioning Dr Paul is in the same breath as Clinton, Bush and Obama is laughable. Dr Paul is lightyears apart from those good-for-nothing criminals .Alex Jones, do a money bomb in order to allow people all over the world who appreciate Ron Paul to donate!

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  1. I actually had mentioned all of this many years ago via my web site and all I heard was yea, yea, sure, sure, until recently.

    Now Ive heard similarly to my words all over the internet and on the radio and on TV etc


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