Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stephen Baldwin May Run Against Alec Baldwin for NYC Mayor

Alex Jones was the keynote speaker at this year's Talkers New Media Conference held in New York City. Alex gave an inspiring speech to a packed house. After his speech, he ran into Stephen Baldwin a radio talk-show host and the youngest of the four acting Baldwins.

Alex asked him about running for NYC mayor against his older brother Alec who has been mulling over the decision at becoming Bloomburg's successor. Stephen entertained the idea and even proposed that Alex Jones step in as campaign manager should he decide to "go head to head against big brother".

They also talked about the concept of conspiracy theories and how those who attempt to conceal the truth, attach that label to people who ask legitimate questions. You can check out Stephen's website,

Well people.... when the S**T hits the fan, the world will be a different will need to summon up the old feelings of working hard to provide for youself, family and freinds...they will also have to do likewise. The days of sitting on your backside with your head in the sand will be over. Being greedy, selfish and lazy will be your own downfall. People will help you if you help yourself. Its time to re-learn how to look after yourself, how to grow food and be part of a community.

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  1. I was at the Conference and got to video Alex's Roaring speech! First time meeting AJ,, on the same level about many things. He speaks my words.