Thursday, June 23, 2011

World War III Defined: Wider War Unfolding in Middle East

The Banksters are trying to provoke the US into a civil war so they can send the UN and Nato in for a rescue. The American people are bullheaded and will not draw guns on its government. They only hold protest signs and bitch. So I believe that the Banksters have devised a plan to allow China to invade the US to provoke the bullheaded Americans into war. If the Banksters plan succeeds then they will have reduced the population and set the stage for the NWO. China is digging in as we comment.they wanna destroy our countries our nations our culture our resources our religions our culture they just wanna shoot us then call us terrorists we are fed up with these terrorists evils ,, I am from the middle east and we hate them and love people like u Alex thanks for revealing the facts at ur countries. Can you believe that these days there are the majority of people still thinking about the latest fashion and what their favourite team did in their last game? At the same time all of this is happening right under their noses.

I am not sure if I should feel guilty at all for their blissful ignorance and total unpreparedness.

The definition of a world war, should be when the latest weapons available to man are employed and that there is point of time in that war when the outcome is not clear. At that point in time the latest weapons "are used". Throughout the first and second world wars new technologies were developed. This changed the time frame of the war and the death toll. To knowingly enter into a war with an unknown outcome and todays nuclear weapons speaks of the absolute madness of, (some) men.

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