Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alex Jones on The Corbett Report 07 July 2011

cloud computing is a condensing of hosting services.... its real goal is to reduce hardware requirements..... unless you host your own sites and services from your own home, anything you put on the web with a hosting company is dataminable, as they own the network you choose to host your sites and services.......they monitor everything in real time as it is using Cisco ASA's.

as for mining the data... they just go through the offline back ups to get it.... this is how it works
Fantastic interview. This cloud computing nonsense is a devolution back to "mainframe computers." It's all more centralization, like the banking corporate fascist economy, and politics. The yuppies will gladly put the slave chains on themselves if it's "trendy."

I guess we have to add a "techno insurrection" to the lists of other insurrections. Don't buy any device that relies on this "cloud" control grid. Keep your old electronics, don't update your OS. RECYCLE FOR LIBERTY! That's what I've been doing for the last ~5 years. My last ipod was a 2004 mini, & I've upgraded /fixed it countless times. I grap computers form trash when some sucker throws one out. Self sufficiency is freedom.

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