Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Genetic Armageddon Exposed

Secret Cloning Projects Exposed : The aerosol sprays are targeted to eliminate races. That whole human genome project was the mapping to be able to target genocide and to create transhumanism: frankenstein. Fema's Zombiecom takes on a whole new meaning. The chemtrailing to filter out the d vitamins humans need ,In the book Star Wars Red Harvest an evil Sith Lord released a deadly virus that created undead homocidal monsters.The reason he released it is that the virus enabled him to have immortal life because he knew the cure.Once cured the disease would be stopped and he would be left with life everlasting.He was willing to kill everyone on the planet to give himself eternal life.We can draw connections between this imaginary character and the real Dark lords that are just as selfish and cold.

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