Friday, July 22, 2011

Greece Defaults, Banksters Next Step is to Take Down Europe!

the elites have been getting away with this kind of shit for decades in the "third world" via the activities of their economic hitmen but very few people here in the West were aware of what was happening. most people here prefered to think the poverty and lack of development was somehow due to a lack or resources of endemic corruption - that it was natural and inevitable. well i guess that soon enough we'll get to experience the reality of it for ourselves.According to old slavemaster manuals they encouraged female slaves to have authority over there male slaves and play a divide and conquer game. Today, the same principle applies, but to the entire working class. Notice how television shows almost always have a bumbling buffoon for a father and the mothers becomes the de facto authority figures because of the fathers' idiocy (Homer Simpson is an example).

The NWO financial conquest of Europe is now moving in to high gear.Then They will move on to the United States,UK,China,India and all other nations. All must be made weak before the bankers power,only then will we do what we are told. And what are they telling us our fate is? Watch END GAME and find out. Don't eat the GMO,take there shots our drink the tap water!! They want at lest 80% of us dead. This is a total takeover. Red Alert warn all who have ears to hear!

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  1. Naaah we peasants shall thwart their progress! I've seen star wars, I know!