Monday, July 4, 2011

Media Attacks America on Independence Day !

Alex Jones : "I was shocked over the weekend to witness a full-scale talking point in the media demonizing our Founders and the precious Constitution. Please comment below with examples you've witnessed over the weekend so we can compile a more detailed report later in the week. Please get this report out to everyone you know. It is our job as 21st Century Paul Reveres to raise the alarm that the enemy is within the gates working overtime to destroy the Republic and reduce us to absolute slavery."

American Independence. What a joke that turned out to be. Surely the whole point of 'independence' was so that one group of British colonists could keep the wealth of the American continent for themselves. In order to do this, they had to empower the local population. But lets be clear: most white Americans are in fact derived from the British. Fact.235 years ago, we waged war to remove the chains of a heavy handed tyrannical government which oppressed and over-taxed it's American colonials. Today, we must endeavor to return to the principals of 1776.CORPORATE COLLECTIVIZED FARMING IS COMING SOON! FALSE FAMINE created through weather manipulation...DRouGHT in Texas killing off wildlife! Flooding farmlands in Midwest....HOW DO WE DEFEAT IT?...It has always been the aggressor with the highest technology that has won.When the world has gone literally crazy, we have a holiday in celebration of what Freedoms and Liberties we have left. We should have never stood by and watched them leave. Questions deserve answers when the person who has them, works on our dime. When questions don't get answers they will be perceived as hiding something. They are. Freedom and Liberty have not even been realize to the extent the forefathers desired. We the People have a duty to protect the Constitution. We are lacking.

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  1. Just wondering why there was an ad on this blog for President Obama's campaign? I saw it at about 1:15 west coast time, when you click on the link it went to his page?? jeri