Friday, July 8, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious Is getting deeper by the day.

Top Mexican Drug Dealer says U.S. GOV gave Them Guns!
at the end the revolutions are useless, we are in plain 21th century and there should be other ways to stop this hypocrisy without having to sacrifice human lifes, i mean wtf is up with today society, just thinking in fighting and corruption while we could develop a more sane world, fighting this fucking elite with force is so 15th century, it's time for us to join forces and intelligibly take our path to real freedom, the money is killing human development, and liders must go!!  This would end the monitary system and spur efficiency. Imagine homes that had no electricity attached just fiberoptic cable for netcomm. This would end the oil economy we would develop efficient ways to live we would grow food locally save water revamp sewer to use methane gasses we produce easily. Work from home would be employed more to save energy. Every body would grow something at home. When a store has product about to expire they can turn them inot credit by offering them.

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