Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Super Congress Will KILL Real Congress

Even if the Norway terrorist was REAL the media and social engineers will manipulate it to serve their interests. Point and case. They altered his facebook from being a mason with some liberal views all of a sudden to a crazy right wing extremist. Like Alex quoted a politician. "Can't let a good tragedy go to waste" I kinda sided with Dr Pitchenik today. I think the norway terrorist was a true terrorist.Its time for AMERICANS that are AWAKE to RALLY together and get ready for a new kind of REVOLUTION because these people in HIGH places are not going change their plans of taking us over and making us slaves in the NEW WORLD ORDER. We need to send out a MAJOR message that THEY MIGHT HAVE THE POWER IN CONGRESS, WALL STREET, TREASURY, NATO..etc BUT WE HAVE THE POWER HERE ON THE LAND!!! ITS ABOUT TIME TO OVERTHROW THIS GOVERNMENT!!!! and their SUPER RICH ALLIES

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