Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alex Jones : Monsanto is Un-American

Monsanto is not only un-American, it's also inhuman.When they control all of the food they know that they will then control us. For more than thirty years big ag has been buying land in the richest soil of our heartlands and setting up shop with their freak seeds growing right alongside the regular crops and then commenting lawsuits against farmers for contaminating their crops through nature's everyday bumble bee pollination. Funny how now the bee's are dying off. lol Okay, so it's not so funny.Monsanto is Satan's favorite corp, no wonder Obama does whatever they want .Regulations were purposely written, so that they would not have to add that information to labels. So called claiming that it would be to expensive to redo all the labeling, which of course is total BS. They know that once people were made aware of what was in the products, and where they came from, the products would loose sales.

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