Sunday, August 21, 2011

Breaking: Ron Paul On FEMA Camps!

The above information is extremely important. Ron Paul was recently asked by an investigative blogger if he was concerned about legislation in Congress that would officially establish FEMA camps in America. Ron Paul responded in the affirmative. For more information on the Homeland Security plans, see Alex Jones' Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA .Ron Paul’s message of liberty and restoration of the republic is so unpopular with the corporate media, they decided to spend more time and effort covering Donald Trump, who is not even a candidate. He also trails far behind Sarah Palin, who is not a candidate. This just proves that mainstream media FEARS Ron Paul because more and more people are realizing that he's the guy that will beat Obama. Because the Federal Union dismantled the republic States by counterfeit money printing removing the independent free marketing through Federal LAWS not state and UNIONIZING State Govern Mental Traders to prostitute their own citizens for the love of greed and money not earned - ALL STATES need to break from the FEDERAL GOVERN MENTALISTS and become responsible through self supporting not Federal Welfare or reality Warfare

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  1. It's hard to believe that there is such a fight against someone who wants to promote freedom and liberty and that our society has changed to a state where that idea is unpopular. I, like you, want to do anything I can to help Ron Paul win the Republican primary. Please visit my blog at Thank you!