Thursday, August 25, 2011

Could The Next 9/11 be in Baltimore, MD? - Alex Jones Tv

Alex Jones talks to a caller who says he might know where the next 9/11, false flag event might happen.Children are their favorite sacrifices.God loves children and it's the worst act against Him.Keep preachen the truth I am trying to tell as many people as I can too.Blamed will be the Assad's administration. Lybia is a done deal if u're asking me.One advice to citizens that live in bailed out countrys. Get a citizenship in other country, revoke the other one. :) First such events are used for multiple targets.On 9/11 the most obvious reason of course is invading Afghan, Iraq there go placing us pro gov to allow us, uk corp.s to extract oil & gas on extra conditions. buying weapons, outsourcing military jobs to corp.s and never the less destroying evidence in wtc build.7. Whereever and whenever such an event occurs in the near future it's logical to to use the same kind of multitasking. Blame Kadafi for revenge, wich he was reporter by ******* to promise.

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