Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Feds Caught Shipping Cocaine into U.S.

EXPOSED!  Federal agents in the U.S. okay'd tons of cocaine in exchange for info from drug cartel.
The US regime has always traded with cartels and war lords. in Kandahar. The US work closely with a certain general Raziq, who holds the local opium business since the early 90s and by now they established a foundation to raise countless heroin labs, so they can export the "final product" directly from Afghanistan.The U.S. government sure loves their drugs!

Mainstream keeps reporting that it was only 1500 guns shipped. Funny how it is always down played.Thugs, thieves and tyrants in charge of the largest criminal syndicate in the world, our government. Go figure all that you can imagine is true of the nation we live in, and its not good either.People will never believe their leaders would be part of such terrible criminal activity, and yet, they are. Brainwashed? Seems to be the case.Zombies living in bliss

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