Friday, August 19, 2011

Is the Rick Perry Sex Story Important?

Reports of Rick Perry's wild sexual activities has been the talk of Austin for 10 years, but no proof has been shown. Now political activist Robert Morrow says all of that is going to change and soon. What do you think? Its not important per se but it might cause some part of the media to go into it a bit deeper, no need to get the word out, see what happens. It is important because Rick Perry has a public facade as being a strict God-fearing moral man. He avidly backs abstinence to school kids and for someone who pulls that kind of crap then behind the curtains, turns into some sexual deviant makes them supremely disingenuous and fake, like Obama. The last thing in the world we need is an even more pro-war Obama running for president.

Yeah, the media is blacking Ron Paul out, but I honestly think he's going to win this time around. Theres too many people awake and on his side, and people still waking up. The fed can feel us breathing on their necks and are starting to panic. They know they're outnumbered and what we are capable of. If he loses, let's just revolt already and overthrow this corruption bullshit. We have every right to.

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