Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Ron Paul Tipping Point

Dr. Ron Paul, whom the media have attempted to keep quietly under wraps and out of the main lights of the presidential race, continues to breakthrough mainstream media barriers. Now, as more people learn about his message, Ron Paul is reaching a tipping point which no one can ignore-- that he is the de facto frontrunner in the GOP field. Fox news claims Bachman won the straw poll by 200 votes..pretty laughable if it wasn't so serious....they should be shutdown..If we had real red blooded Americans in these so called American agencies then none of these tyrannical outlets, agencies, traitors, and murders would be on the streets today!! We must inject red blooded constitutionalists in every position possible..GOD BLESS AMERICA!! GOD BLESS RON PAUL!!! ..RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012'''' Give us Ron Paul

How can they say Bachmann won in Aimes? When they did their survey on screen on Fox of thumbs up - thumbs down of each candidate did Bachmann had 75% thumbs down! That says it all right there! I am for Ron Paul 110% in 2012 but he has already made his greatest contribution to America today no matter what happens in the future. Alex Jones is right, the youth voters: college & high school age kids have flocked to Paul's message in droves ever since 2008 and that is worth it's weight in gold right there!

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