Saturday, September 3, 2011

Alex Jones : Obama caught shipping gunss to Mexico

Alex Jones : One of the biggest scandals of modern history , Barak Obama caught shipping weapons to Mexico and Honduras aiming at destabilizing this region "Libya rebel commander contends was tortured, rendered by CIA". from NYTimes - Abdel Hakim Belhaj said 2 CIA agents tortured him in Thailand & then "rendered" him to Libya. From that point on, he maintains, he was held in solitary confinement for the next six years. In Bangkok, Mr. Belhaj said, he was tortured for a few days by 2 people he said were CIA agents, & then, worse, they repatriated him to Libya, where he was thrown into solitary confinement for six years."

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  1. This {BPA} most likely explains the huge increase in sexual reassignment surgeries being needed by SO MANY people. When in history have we ever heard of having so many of our population stating "I was born in the wrong body-& surgery will finally correct that." I am sure the condition has always existed-but rarely did you ever hear of it, but because of the huge prejudice against people whom are either gay or transgendered having to stay closeted to avoid violence against them, or maybe, just maybe-there simply were NOT the numbers of them there are now. My statement pertains more to transgendered than gays by the way. It's a hellish life to live either way-to have to hide, OR to come out is always a very scary thing-because of the ignorance about it. I am very happy when I meet a gay person who has come to terms with who they were born to be. I am proud that they took a stand to have their rights as citizens preserved or changed to include them.I am sympathetic to the transgendered because to actually get right with their bodies & minds they have to go through YEARS of corrective treatments & surgeries at very, very costly prices. And still fight the prejudices the whole way. Well, ALL people other than heterosexuals have to fight everyday, just to keep safe, alive & /or medically treated during their lives. Regarding treatment, I mean getting the right meds to stop or keep the AIDS virus at bay, if needed, & being able to afford it & all other treatments needed for sex reassigment.{ And don't even get me started on why there are commercials on TV stating that scientists have a vaccine to prevent the HIV infection, but are asking for the general public to pay to test & make it available! Can you ask WHERE the bailout money the FDA got on top of their usual annual multibillion dollar grants is?} I am wording this as carefully as best I can so as not to offend anyone-please take my comments in that context.