Monday, October 24, 2011

Alex Jones Debates Globalist Think Tank Head

Alex Jones interviews Demos spokesperson Jamie Bartlett,This is guy is living proof that we are WINNING the info.As soon as you hear the term"re-education" of children" should raise a red flag.this guy is AFRAID of the truth,look at his face.He avoids real info along the lines of "doublethink"He if admits all these things he would have a meltdown.Actually a "coward" is what he is. Jamie thinks 911 is still real after proving it aint and for facts 76 look up what AJ said it was one thing we do in America is we get facts.. l'm the one who knew and found China siding with Russia because my X is in the Chinese Army and he warned me.. so sorry to tell you this his facts are right on like it or not!! He found the FEMA camps and you people act blind, people ignorant as you are going to learn when its to late!! This guy is probably Nathan Rothchilds cousin or Rockerfellers relative or something like that. That must be a sad think tank if he's waiting for government to tell the truth about 9/11.

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