Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alex Jones reporting from Hell

Alex Jones reporting from Hell . Reporting from a grave in the desert, I am Alex Jones.... As you know, Casino is the main source income for Illuminati CIA OPERATION. Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and Seminole, it does NOT matter where you play. When you play in a Casino, you are giving money to CIA Illuminati OPERATION. Those GAMBLE cities usually have also their secret underground cities (DUMBs). But most of them are already NUKED according to David Wilcock. You can say that those GAMBLE CITIES are REPTILIAN OPERATING CITIES.In Casino, you can find some CIA Casino division workers. How can you distinguish them from some other people? Those CIA Casino workers are pretending they are customers. They are winning like crazy with cascade of coins, but they don't look happy. They ask some other CIA Casino workers to get a cup to get rid of their coins from the machines with grumpy face. Those CIA Casino workers want to show you that you might be able to win like them. But that is NOT true as usual CIA OPERATION.

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