Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rabble Dare Step on The Private Property of The FED

Alex Jones is great! End the criminal Federal Reserve. Wall street is the casino but the Fed is the house. The Rabble Dare Step on The Private Property of The FED .Unlike other branches in Texas. The San Antonio looks like a Federal Post Office Building so the protestors take to protest to the porch.A real revolution is becoming reality as anger grows throughout the nation. The globalists have chosen this moment in time to enact the "end game" portion of their agenda.The world is watching and participating. This is and will be a world revolution. Rothchild, Rockefeller and our sick politicians better take a good look at their battle plan and start to shore it up. Tyranny MUST be put down. The patriot act has replaced our constitution and it allows for the police to beat people.Beware all.

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  1. Thank Heaven for the truth tellers! What courage they have to stand before the rest of the world and say The Emperor Wears No Clothes! That is a story I learned when I was little and I've never forgotten the moral of the story. A few courageous men stand up and tell the rest of us what is going on behind the Wiz's curtain. Thank you Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, and David Icke. We owe you!!!