Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Alex Jones : America is now worse than North Korea

Alex Jones : America is now worse than North Korea What Alex explains is simply right,Who needs to attach it to the car? They can already GPS trace your cellphone while listening with the mic. The mic works even if the cellphone is turned OFF. If you are driving around, call information for the nearest Ballys for instance. They will tell you where the closest Ballys is without asking for your current location. the problem is that people don't want to look at the truth because they are cowards and they have not courage to stand up agains the Evil destroying their country, their children's future... This is why the US and the Western society the economy too are collapsing. All the society is corrupt by the International virus ruling the finances They have been doing me since the 1990's, i got caught in a car with a guy that had a bag of weed when I was 19...after that the police were up my ass everyday, they were tracking me by my cell phone WAAAAAAY back then. I learned how to not do anything and just stay at home, i couldn't affoard the daily tickets and citations...they then started to over charge me on local taxes and used domestic relations to rob me year after year...i have lived it, they tested it on me for all of U!

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