Friday, November 11, 2011

Alex jones : getting ready for WW III

Eurozone Crisis, Baxter Recalls Vaccine & More: Infowars Nightly News When currency is used as money, it is in the nature of currency that sovereignty is transferred/exchanged all of the time, between those who engage in international trade. Thus the international trade organisations to establish the rules of the 'all things being equal'. In the case of Greece, which does not have the depth and diversity of an economy, to work in such a system, Greece, for the time being, has temporarily, transferred its sovereignty to others The big truth is Mother Earth can't and won't bail out all the debt created by the criminal banking cartel and the failed infinite growth paradigm of industrial civilization. The fraudulent scheme of exponentially growing consumption of natural resources is now breaking down and ceases to exist. Mike Ruppert is right! This bankrupt system can't be repaired, regardless if there are still some resources left to plunder.The endless growth paradigm has failed. Industrial civilization has no future.

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