Thursday, November 10, 2011

DHS Street Lights, Banks Losing Customers

DHS Street Lights, Banks Losing Customers , The 5th of November was supposed to kick off "bank transfer day" which was launched by Anon to bring down the big 5 banks using capitalist means to topple them. No customers = no bank. Sadly, most of the 1% have all of their money stashed in these banks, so when the 99% moved to smaller credit unions, it hardly made a dent... as the 1% holds more wealth than the 99%. Nice idea though. Even if it had worked, we'd probably see another government bail out for them.

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  1. Alex, I have been watching your stuff for 15 yrs,really watching more the days following 9/11 But as you said over time I have noticed ALOT of stuff that you said years ago takeing affect today. Thanks,Keep the info coming !!